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Visitor / Supervisa Insurance

Visitor / Supervisa Insurance

coverage you need for you and your family


Supper visa insurance required by law and protect you from unexpected situation. Living the safety and security of our homes may leave us yearning to get back home. Securing your visit to a new country helps you manage such anxieties hence providing you with an opportunity to relax and enjoy your stay in a foreign country.


Hassle Free Travel

Travelling to a foreign country can expose you to untold nightmares. You may suffer illnesses due to new climate or have visa processing issues that take away your peace of mind. Super visa insurance customized to your needs help avoid such stresses. Let us help you feel at home and make your experience in Canada a happy one. We want your visit to Canada to be worthwhile and enjoyable.


We are Here for You

FirstChoice insurance brokers will provide you with the necessary cover to ensure that you remain secured during your visit. We pride ourselves in providing topnotch insurance covers as well as advise you on the best insurance cover. We specialize in providing health security to you and your loved ones, giving you the opportunity to make Canada your second home, a home away from home. We provide a welcome door to Canada!!

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Super Visa Insurance Canad

When to get a Super visa Insurance Cover

Many people travel to foreign countries without proper planning and end up going through hard times due to numerous documentation requirements and unprecedented illnesses.

Do not wait for that experience to learn the hard way, take up the cover beforehand and make your visit to Canada safe and secure. It will help you enjoy your visit knowing that your health and hence your life is covered.

Why torment Yourself and Your Loved ones

Save yourself the torment of getting ill and spending money on unexpected health issues. Give yourself the assurance of getting back home swiftly in the case of emergency or repatriation. Plan ahead and relax your mind. A super visa acts as gateway to enjoy the healthcare services offered in Canada in the same manner a Canadian citizen would enjoy.

It will act as a gateway to assimilation into the country health system hence saving you large amounts of money that you would spend seeking medical attention.

Assure safety of your family with our Visitor/Super-visa Insurance

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Now your parents and grandparents can come to Canada without worrying about their health. We compare all supper visa insurance policies according to your need. Our expert insurance agent providing tailored solution to cover cost of medical attention and others expense depending on type of insurance policy.

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Medical Insurance For Super Visa

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We are broker for all major insurance companies in Canada. We will work closely to get you best possible deal of supper visa.

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Type Of Supper Visa Insurance

We also care for well-being of your loved ones who are far from you

Our clients are free to choose starting date of insurance for their family members coming to Canada.

If Government doesn’t approve visa of your family members to Canada, then we work with insurance company to arrange your refund* depending on policy.

We compare and arrange all available supper visa insurance policies and provide lowest prices, to cover your needs

Depending on policy, partial returned is possible if your family goes back before 1 year

Why do you need super-visa/visitor insurance?

Government’s health plans can’t travel with you abroad. Health costs in Canada are very expensive as it can cost you thousands of dollars, charging a high non-resident fee to patients.

Insurance world is

But our system is simple and affordable, It is beneficial for people in Canada whose family members are living in other countries & visit them. Our solutions are designed according to needs of our clients.

Reasons to acquire super-visa/visitor insurance from us?

Super-visa insurance includes coverage for hospital emergency, access to emergency assistance, and facility to buy medical insurance before or at any time after your arrival in Canada. It includes benefit for accidental death, dismemberment and global coverage.

Frequently asked questions

Do have the option to pay monthly

Yes, only in supervisa insurance, you have option to pay monthly.

What If the visa is refused, is there any rfund of paid premiuma:

Yes you full get the full refund incase visa is refused.

If the visitor leave the country in before the expiry date of insurance, can he get the refund?

If full month is left, money is refunded. There is no refund if less than a month is left.

What illnesses are covered under visitor insurance/supervisa insurance? Are pre exising conditions are covered

Only emergency medical is covered. No routine check up is covered. Pre existing conditions are covered (conditons apply)

How long does it take to issue the visiotr/supervisa insurance policy?

Few minutes.

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